Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Another Covetous Jewelry Line

After perusing every issue of "O" and "Better Homes & Gardens" during a four hour stint at the lovely Baptist Hospital breast clinic yesterday, I decided to challenge myself with a little decadence by perusing an issue of "Town & Country." The September 2009 date shocked me as I didn't think this magazine was even in existence anymore. My dear nana always had her coffee table stacked with them and I think 1993 was the last time I was at her apartment so I was excited to see what society had to offer me today. The ads and the articles were like every other high-end extolling publication - Gucci, Prada, Tiffany "celebration" rings. But the ads in the back intrigued me with their requests for designer handbags like old Louis Vuitton steamer trunks and vintage Hermes Birkins. There was also an ad for the "highest quality" cubic zirconia jewels (perfect for travelling - don't want to risk losing granny's heirloom Cartier while you're out on the yacht). Then, and ad for Heather Moore's initial emblazoned charms grabbed me. And as the story goes, they had me at "hello." I quickly grabbed a pen and my day planner to write down the web address.

Excitedly, I told Fred this morning that I had a new jewelry request. However, this was before I saw the prices. Oy gvalt. The scripted "m" charm, complete with channel set diamonds all around was just under 5k. 5k. For a charm. That's not including the chain. The necklace shown above, with your entire family history, astrological signs, etc, comes it at a little over 30k. 30k! That's a new VW Passat around your neck. Damn. Damn. DAMN!

A girl can dream...a girl can dream...

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