Friday, January 1, 2010

Eat Pray Love

I picked up a copy of Elizabeth Gilbert's bestselling Oprah-ized memoir EAT PRAY LOVE at a yard sale two years ago for one dollar and placed it on my night stand with the full intention of an immediate read. I perused through it once or twice, re-reading the first chapter and became a fan of Gilbert's witty and acerbic prose. However, this wasn't enough for me to actually finish the damn thing because it took me this past November to pick it up and complete it. Fate, destiny, whatever, brought me to this book at this time because every morsel of it fed into my being. The clusterfuck of 2009's end left me in a bit of a tizzied soul search and this book calmed me like nothing I could have imagined. This is required reading of every woman in her 30s. I now want to go to Italy, study at an ashram, and meet the enchanting medicine men and women of Bali. There are tons of one cent copies on amazon so pick up one (or three!).

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