Thursday, January 21, 2010

Something Completely Unoriginal: POLITICS

The recent election of republican Scott Brown to fill STAUNCH-as-little-Edie-Beale democrat Ted Kennedy's vacant senate seat stirs up many emotions in me. I moved to Massachusetts just prior to turning 14 and lived both in Cape Cod and Boston for the next 12 years. As much as Kennedy stirred up mixed feelings from New Englanders, no one can deny the fact that the man spent a lifetime in the U.S. Senate trying to help people. A lot of conservatives who argue this fact (who, let's face it, will argue anything sane, reasonable, and true) have never stepped foot in Massachusetts. I feel these "citizens" should shut their lids. It's the same as a man arguing abortion or a male gynecologist telling a childbirth patient that she will experience "strong pain." There is no way, shape, or form of relating so please do us all a favor and don't bother.

I took great pride in wearing the blue state liberalism of Massachusetts on my sleeve the entire time I lived there. And I find it extremely sad that a few health care reform "rumors" tragically transformed a sure democrat seat to republican. However, I can't help but argue that sexism played a major role in this weird turn of events. Today I found out that Scott Brown not only lists his prior experience as a lawyer but he also includes actor/model. WTF? Furthermore, he soft-core porn posed in an issue of Cosmopolitan magazine in 1982 to help offset the cost of law school. WHAT? THE? FUCK? If Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi or even that pathetic-excuse-of-a-female Sarah Palin had anything even remotely soft-core in their past - like a black lace bra, for example - they would have been kicked up and down Pennsylvania Avenue faster than you or I can say "impeachment."

On that note, I believe in giving people chances, which is something this country clearly does not want to give our current President. If Scott Brown is conservative, good for him for having something to believe in. However, if he just uses his point-of-view to become another moron pundit on Fox News, I would hope we will all be deeply disappointed and boot his well-toned ass out. I hope Brown takes a cue from Kennedy (and all the Kennedys) and uses his new appointment as a vessel for helping the citizens of Massachusetts. It's time to stop gloating and start working.

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