Monday, February 1, 2010


One of the benefits of having moved four times cross-country over the past ten years is that I have a handful of beautiful friendships that have been established in each place I've lived. I look at it in a Forrest Gump fashion - a box of chocolates from Boston, L.A., New York, and now Nashville. I find it incredibly flattering and precious when such friends grace me with their presence with a surprise weekend visit, which one of my greatest bffs did this past weekend. Liza and I met over ten years ago working together in Boston. We immediately clicked and proclaimed that we were soul sisters. A decade-plus later and a lifetime's worth of jobs, travels, and relationships, we still have the connection. Which is why I had a jam-packed itinerary for us beginning with her arrival on Thursday night. Pick up from the airport. Check. Dinner at the spectacular Berry Hill restaurant The Yellow Porch. Check. A bottle of wine (or two?) back at the house with Fred and another friend. Check. Wake up early Friday morning for back-to-back balletone and yoga classes. Uhhh, we slept late and were a little hungover. How about the planned lunch at Fido? Again, uhhh, there's a snowstorm on the way. Stay off the roads. Really? Snow? Just a dusting, right? Uhhh, WRONG! We were snowed in. The entire weekend. What to do???

First, we sent Fred to the packie (New England-speak for "liquor store" - for some reason, they are called "package" stores "on Cape"). He picked up a gorgeous Argentinian red, a white that I never had the chance to taste, and the all-time best named rose champagne - BUBBLY BITCH. In the meantime, the short ribs were cooking in the crock pot and we spent the entire day with the kids laughing. After dinner, an impromptu salon broke out in the kitchen and the entire mood for the weekend was set: instead of shopping and site-seeing, we would get all Oprah-ized on our asses and delve into some poetry, yoga, and self-help. Break out the wine, Freddie, here comes Rumi!

Friday and Saturday night were two of the most thought-provoking, soul searching and nurturing moments of my adult life. We talked about everything and found a quote to go with it. We took notes. We listened to inspiring music. We even did a little zumba choreography. Even though I had previously had my heart set on shopping away and running around town, this forced time indoors was more fun than I could have ever hoped for. Again, I'm so thankful for my friendships but as another great bff told me today, we all deserve them.