Sunday, September 5, 2010


Anyone and everyone within a 3000 mile radius of me and my being knows that in the past 18 months, yoga has become the center of my universe. What can I say? I simply love it.I call it my mid-30s-crisis-Madonna-Ray-of-Light moment. The mental clarity combined with the most rockin' muscle liberation my body has ever known makes for a happy mommy and wife.

Of course, yoga is about letting go of the material and embracing the communal spirit of peace, love, and light; however, I did grow up in the 80s so I have also come to terms with being a material girl in a material world. i.e. I LOVE TO SHOP! Yes, it's completely typical, obnoxious, and predictable but I just can't help it. Which is why when I noticed last year that there is a certain type of "apparel" certain types of "yoginis" embrace, I didn't know which way to run.

At first, practical Lulu took over. I hauled ass over to Old Navy and grabbed a few pairs of their yoga pants on clearance. They were comfy, flattering, and let's face it - CHEAP! Paired up with some tanks and tees from Goodwill, I was all set. Or was I?

After months of pondering sports bras and actual yoga tanks, in addition to an actual boob almost falling out at a workshop where I thought wearing a purple Calvin Klein demi satin bra would suffice, I decided it was time. Even though a rebel yogi friend had repeatedly declared: "Fuck yoga wear!," I bought a black sports bra. O.M.G. Me and my chataranga'd life would never be the same.

Then, a few months later, my bff cleaning out her closet gifted me with a tank and pants from Lululemon. Again, O.M.G.!!! Any yogini worth his or her weight in OMs knows that Lululemon is the creme de la creme of yoga wear. A Canadian company with its heart on the pulse of everything yoga, they make flattering and gorgeous yoga wear that is worthy of its cult-like status. For months, I fought the urge because A. it's really expensive and B. it's really expensive. However, as soon as my buns slipped into the hand-me-down pair of Groove pants, I was sold.

I went to the showroom on Friday and the shop on I experienced did not disappoint. Like my good friend who generously passed down her Lulus to me and who always mysteriously has a new Lululemon "something" on every time I see her, I am now a devout follower/fan/worshipper. And besides, Lulu is in their name. I'm gonna chalk it up to karma, fate, and the fact that I can't stop staring at my butt in their Gather & Crow capris.

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  1. Excellent; so happy to read your newest post. I know it's very un-yogic to have attachments to anything worldly. HOWEVER, I also know what a good thing having some rockin' yoga duds does for your practice. Definitely karmic with the "Lulu" connection; also karmic with your friend passing them along. Love, love, love. xo, P