Thursday, April 16, 2015

Kool As Kim Gordon

Even though I grew up in the age of 120 Minutes and the heyday of alternative college radio, I never really got Sonic Youth. Sure, I bought Experimental Jet Set, Trash, and No Star when it came out because "Bull In The Heather" was intriguing. However, I had to agree with Ellen Page when she threw down with the devilish Jason Bateman in JUNO proclaiming SY to just be "a bunch of noise."

I personally encountered Thurston Moore twice. At an early screening of The Virgin Suicides at a women's film festival in Boston 15 (maybe 16?) years ago, I spotted a scrappy uber tall male in the lobby of the theater. Even though I was there with my own scrappy uber tall husband, my heart went a touch aflutter. When I sat down two rows behind him and a perfectly undone blonde, I realized instantly who it was. Sofia Coppola introduced the movie and thanked her "friend" Kim Gordon for giving her the Jeffrey Eugenides book upon which it was based. You go girls.

Two years later, Fred and I were sipping chais during a cold wintry New York City day at the Dean & Deluca on Broadway and Prince. It was a communal counter where you stood and ate or drank or ate AND drank. There was Mr. tall and scrappy once more quietly eating a sandwich right next to us. It was one of those excited moments where you think "We know who you are! Let's strike up a convo!" And then you quickly realize what a dumb idea that is. So we all just stood there and then our moment of kool was over.

After recently reading Gordon's absorbing bio Girl In A Band I am now a forever fan. Of hers. Sorry Thurston, Kim's searing account of how you obliterated your relationship is not something this feminist can easily digest. And speaking of feminism, Gordon gives the reader a plethora of lessons in how it's done. My favorite example had to be her accurate portrayal of what a pathetic example artists like Lana del Rey are to the female cause. "Equal pay and equal rights would be nice." Exactly! She also gloriously recounts her past encounters with stalwarts such as Neil Young, Kurt Cobain, and my personal favorite because she's so batshit crazy - Courtney Love. She confidently describes Love as possessing "tarantula L.A. glamour."  Tarantula. L.A. Glamour. Talk about a literary quote of gold. Again, you go girl (wink...smiley face...heart heart heart).

Behold the goddess at work: